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Transportation Engineering Laboratories of

Kharazmi University (TransLab-KHU)

The Transportation Engineering Laboratory of Kharazmi University is located in Karaj campus. Our research in Transportation and pavement engineering has expanded since its inception in 2016 to embrace all transportation and pavement related materials, design, evaluation, maintenance and management.


Key Aims and Expertise


The key aims of TransLab-KHU are to continue to undertake nationally and internationally leading researches in the areas of transportation engineering, pavement material engineering, lifeline design and protection, pavement management systems (PMS), traffic engineering and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS); to provide high quality academic supervision of BSc and MSc students; and to offer specialized testing and consultancy services to industry. These aims are achieved through the recognized expertise of the academic members and laboratory staffs of TransLab-KHU and the excellent laboratory and research facilities present within TransLab-KHU.


Location and Contacts


Laboratory Dean: Dr. Saleh Sharif Tehrani


Location: Western area of main library, Kharazmi University, Karaj, Alborz, Iran